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Rhinologist, Otolaryngologist located in Bend, OR.

Do you suffer from chronic sinus pain, sinus headaches or pressure? Is ongoing nasal congestion making your life miserable? Are sinus problems keeping you from enjoying life to the fullest?

You don't have to suffer anymore.

New sinus infection treatments delivered by a specialist in the emerging field of rhinology mean lasting, permanent sinus relief is finally available. Ryan Gallivan, MD of the Northwest Sinus Center is one of only a few Fellowship-trained Rhinologists in the Pacific Northwest. Why is that significant?  Rhinologists are ENT physicians who have received advanced training in the medical and surgical treatment of chronic nasal and sinus problems. Using minimally invasive techniques, they offer the most specialized care available for conditions affecting the sinuses, nasal cavity and skull base. Don’t you deserve the most advanced care from the Pacific Northwest’s foremost Sinus and Nasal Center of Excellence? Why wait? Lasting relief is finally available!

On behalf of the Northwest Sinus Center, otolaryngologist and staff, we would like to welcome you to our ear nose and throat practice in Bend, Oregon. We receive patients from all over the Central Oregon region, as well as all around the world. Many who are interested in in Dr. Gallivan’s surgical expertise and skills will take the time to visit us here and enjoy the beautiful natural attractions while they are at it. As we have many out of town patients, we have made special arrangements with a local hotel that offers a friendly staff and convenient location. If you or a loved one is experiencing any type of sinus and nasal symptoms including nosebleeds, sinus pain, post nasal drip, stuffy nose, snoring, or allergies, then it would be a good idea for you to take our free survey to determine how severe these problems might be. At our ENT doctor clinic in Bend, we offer treatments for sinus and skull base conditions. If you want an expert opinion by an experienced doctor with many years of experience, then we suggest you make an appointment with Dr. Gallivan today.

Are you interested in learning more about Dr. Ryan Gallivan? He was the first surgeon in Central Oregon to perform Balloon Sinuplasty, to perform minimally invasive endoscopic pituitary and skull base surgery, and to perform endoscopic orbital decompression for graves ophthalmopathy. On our site, you can read his full biography. Why visit our sinus center in Bend, Oregon? As well as offering a premier rhinologist, we are also proud to offer our patients the latest diagnostic imaging technology, including in-office sinus CT scanning. With in-office sinus CT scanning, patients will enjoy the convenience of immediate imaging on-site, a faster diagnosis, and the ability to begin their treatment more quickly. At Northwest Sinus Center, we accept many different insurance plans and will bill your primary insurance as a courtesy. Please contact your health plan directly for confirmation of coverage, physician participation and covered benefits. To save time on your next visit, be sure to fill out our online patient forms. Check our office hours and location as well as patient testimonials. We hope that you have found everything you were looking for on our information-rich website. For any more questions, please do not hesitate to contact us today!