"I was having trouble breathing through my nose. An ENT doctor recomended straightening my septum and during surgery he found I had a tumor in the sinus behind my eye. It was a rare form of cancer called a Esthesioneuroblastoma and if it grew into my brain, I would die. I was referred to Dr. Gallivan, who recomended surgery to remove the tumor. He was able to perform the surgery through my nose, removing some cartilage and affected tissues. Dr. Gallivan used available tissue in my own sinus to repair what was removed near my brain. Because of the extent of the surgery, I was in the hospital for about 7 days. I appreciated that Dr. Gallivan worked with my other doctor to explain my options. Whenever I had questions, he always responded so I was never felt left in the dark. I feel the whole situation couldn't have worked out any better. A year or so after my tumor was removed, Dr. Gallivan did a balloon sinuplasty to relieve some pressure I was feeling behind my eyes. Everytime I have seen Dr. Gallivan, I am very pleased with the care I receive. I would recommend Dr. Gallivan to anyone who is having simular medical problems."
-Steve Mooney


"I was visiting family in Southern California when a bloody nose landed me in the hospital. My doctors packed my nose for my trip home to Klamath and when my doctor here did an MRI, he saw a large mass. It turned out to be a tumor. I was referred to Dr. Gallivan for surgery, which he performed in August 2011. He removed a benign pleomorphic adenoma from my sinus cavity which had been growing for many years. I never knew I had it and only suffered occasional stuffiness before my surgery. It didn't click that something was wrong. When I first met Dr. Gallivan, I knew I wanted him to do my surgery. His enthusiasm and devotion to his profession are impressive. He's very up-front and doesn't give you any false hopes. He tells you the risks and what could potentially go wrong, but he also tells you what he thinks will actually happen following surgery. With Dr. Gallivan, I had the best possible outcome I could have had. My tumor was not cancerous and Dr. Gallivan removed it completely. He made me and my family feel so comfortable in his care because he is so knowledgeable and professional! I really appreciate what he has done for me."
- Mike Morgan